First blog post – Welcome!

First blog post – Welcome!

I’m Wendy, and this blog is where I want to break down and track goals into, you guessed it!  Small Achievable Goals!  Everything seems so huge and overwhelming at first.  Most on my mind are starting running again and working with my delightful rescue cat on some behavior training.  To do this I plan to research best practices and document my success.  I always have ideas for things I want to do, so I expect what’s covered on this lil ol’ blog will grow and change.  Savings goals, oh yeah!  Trip planning, for sure!  Learn a new skill, always!  It’s all rather amorphous and may grow into something else, but for now, it’s a way to share my thoughts on all the things I want to do, and to focus on the  small achievable goals to get there.

One of the first things I will need to break down into it’s component parts is WordPress and how to change the photo.  Raspberries while delicious, don’t really relate to my blog.  I’ll let you know what I learn next time!


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