There are a lot of things that I have wanted to work on and improve, that I am hoping this blog will help me achieve.  One of my goals is:

Running! –  After completing a half-marathon last year, I ended up with plantar faciitis.  Not fun!  It involved weeks of painful walking, the loss of cute shoes, and a needle in the sole of my foot.  Now that it has been several months, I’m looking to get back in the habit.  I’m signed up for a 5k race in Disneyland (!!!) in November, as well as the local Turkey Trot.

There’s lots of time to build up to something as managable as a 5k, but I want to make sure my feet can handle it, and I can take breaks in training in needed.  So far I am up to week 2, day 2 of the Couch to 5K App.  C25K is the tool I have used every time I have started running.  Yes, every time.  Since about 2010 I have been trying to be a runner, but I’ve never managed to be consistent.  Usually the event I’m working towards ends and then I get distracted or just lazy and no longer make the time a priority.  That’s the key, prioritizing time!  Next time I’ll share a video I’ve been using to help set goals.  More to come!



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