You Do What You Priotize

You Do What You Priotize

I have many things in my home.  So many things.  Things I love, things I thought I would love, and things I just don’t know what to do with anymore.  I have a particular room that just collects…stuff.  Tonight I was looking in that room and I realized that there were bags and boxes of items that I thought had gone away and been donated.  Apparently not.  I appear to have only moved the item to a less traveled space in  my home, and left it there.  I found a pair of shoes that I wore about 7 years ago, that I thought were log gone in a bag.  Whoops.  So, new priority for the week:  clear out the things that I thought were already gone.

Do you find that sometimes there is a particular step in a process that you struggle with?  I often find that actually loading things into the car and taking them to Goodwill, Value Village or other donation location is the hardest part.  I’m not sure why – partly because I don’t do it often and so it feels very difficult (but it’s really not, at all).  Sometimes I feel like I’ll be judged for what I am bringing to donate, or that I’ll be seen as having too much.  The Task of driving things I no longer want or need seems to be the hardest thing to do.  I’m sure there’s some sort of psychological reason for what I dread this Task.

In the past I read book by Marie Kondo’s book about tidying up (I’ve currently forgotten the title).  I need to read that book again and apply some of her lessons to my house.

In other goals news:

Ember:  I’ve been practicing carrying Ember in his cat carrier.  He gets treats in his crate, and we have worked up to closing the door and moving around the house without too much difficulty.  Recently though, I loaded him into the crate and carried him out to the car.  I only set the crate in the car for a few seconds before bringing him back inside, but that was enough to scare him.  however, i don’t think it was too terrible, because he was willing to take a treat from the from of the carrier afterwards.

Running: This weekend was Week 3, day 1 of the C25K!  I’m 1/4 of the way through the training schedule, and mostly it still feels pretty easy.  I took it easy because it was early in the morning, and because I was out with my sweetie.  He’s never done a run before, and I’ve been running off and on for several years.  I didn’t want to overdo things for either of us.  The whole “easy” part will probably last through this week… then next week it jumps up to 5 minute jobs.  But hey, we got this!


One thought on “You Do What You Priotize

  1. We just moved and both the processes of packing an unpacking led me to a LOT of letting go. I found a lot of the same – bags of “stuff” i thought I had taken to the goodwill but had just never made it to the car, things I just kept moving to another spot in the house hoping they might just disappear eventually (??). But glad to se you getting back into running again, way to go, friend!


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