Hello, but Not much of an update

Hello, but Not much of an update

Hey friends!  I haven’t written anything in ages, because, well, I couldn’t think of what you’d want to read.  Then I realized, since there’s probably 4 of us, it doesn’t really matter.

I haven’t made it to the thrift store to drop off donations.  That’s a totally achievable goal, that I just haven’t made happen.

I’ve been getting in the my C25K runs in between the many raindrops.

The most progress to date has been on my the goal of knitting a sweater ….. Have I mentioned that?  I haven’t ever knitting a whole sweater, so I’ve started a baby sweater.

The pattern is from one of my favorite pattern books called, “60 quick Baby Knits.”  Since I’m on a mission to use up yarn and not buy new (with few certain exceptions). To make it, it takes a front and back rectangle that match one another.  It has a basket weave pattern on the sides, with the simple cable up the middle.  Then, place them together, pick up stitches and make sleeves, which also have a cable pattern.  The back piece is complete, so that’s 1/4 of the way done, maybe?  I have pictures, but I need to figure out how to add them.  Soon!


Other things that need to happen soon:  planting dahlia bulbs.  Now that the weather is starting to warm up and maybe possibly drying out there is spring planting to get done and in the ground.

For the 4 of us that are reading this, are you making progress on any of your projects and goals?


2 thoughts on “Hello, but Not much of an update

  1. Most of my craft projects lately are things for my grandsons, so I finished up some animal hats I was knitting for the boys, and then sewed a boy-sized apron for when they come to Grandma’s and help me cook. Now if I could finish up that last cross-stitch birth sampler, I would be happy. I enjoy it but the third one is getting tedious. My outdoor projects I need to do are weeding out my greenhouse and the flowerbeds around the house. Those are my goals for April/May. I like the idea of your blog marking off your achievements.


    1. I just found a quote I like that says, “A goal without a plan, is just a wish.” I think I need to work on the individual steps towards getting some tasks done. For instance, getting things to the thrift store is more of a wish than a plan right now, based on thus quote.


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