Ratties Update #2

Ratties Update #2

The foster rats are making progress towards not being terrified of humans and the world outside their cage.

Tonight I changed the bedding in  their cage.  The cage needed to be. Emptied and scrubbed so i tried moving them from the crate to a spare cat barrier filled with blankets.

In retrospectaybe this was too much moving for some.   Afterwards,  I gave them the rumor the bathroom, but was surprised by who took the most opportunity to explore:  pink eyed white rat was totally into checking things out!  He was the first to find the plate of baby food on the ground,  and the first to walk on me.

Second most exploratory rat was Spot, followed by toaster.   T was not having any of it. At all.  He never left the crate.  More practice to come.


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